Call Me Cornelius

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In business news: I am part of a competition called Passion for Fashion with YES and TFI and I’ve written a business plan and will be pitching the growth and development of Call Me Cornelius to a panel of judges next week.*cue nerves.

Made of 100% silk, original un-tied design. 

Oscar gold, baby.
Black silk and black cotton satin; the gold is screen printed onto the black cotton satin.  Original pre-tied design.
Satin and silk, with individually punched velvet polka dots, machine sewn on to the silk.I can’t say yet who this is for, but check out the process here.

Day Four of January Bow Tie Week:

Top bow tie: fine cottons from The Workroom
Bottom bow tie: vintage upcycled neckties, made from fine UK wool, and block printed.

Day Three Bow Tie: maybe the best… ever?

More bow ties from Day One!  I didn’t end up posting them, because I finished them when it was dark and the lighting would have been bad for photos.  Also I had to pick up a friend getting in on a bus at 2:30am.
Day Two yielded no bow ties, due to two different power outages during a blizzard, and also having a big anxiety attack.
I managed to make only one bow tie on Day Three, since my machines have been commandeered by then friend crashing with me.  (Photo to come.)

Three different wools used for this pre-tied bow tie for my dad.
I’ve been wanting to make this bow tie for months now.  Day One of Intense Bow Tie Week started off late, but is going well.

Want to wear a bow tie for New Year’s Eve?